Hello everyone. This is the beginning of a whole new adventure for me. Yes, at last I have a blog. Don’t know how this will pan out but will blog as and when I can.

For me this is use-it-up-tober. I am trying very hard to use p the food in my freezer and cupboards and buy as little as possible. Have done very well so far just buying mostly fruit and a few veggies. It’s amazing how we just keep on shopping even when we don’t need to just because ‘that’s what we do’.

I love finding new ways to save money and create things and be entertained and travel and anything else. I do know I am preaching to the converted here on many things but we can all learn something new all the time.

Please use the menu at the top of this page to get around. I’m not too hot on this but bear with me. I’ll get there in the end (recipes are under the ‘Fab Four’ heading for the moment).

Please note I am not costing the recipes. This is because I live in the Eurozone and things here are a bit dearer than in the UK. However, I use the ‘Value’ range from the big blue supermarket – we don’t have an orange, a green or a yellow supermarket here so I am pretty much tied to the blue one (or more expensive ones, I’m sorry to say). We do have Aldi and Lidl but the prices here are substantially higher than in the UK (e.g. Tinned potatoes – 14 or 15p there – 59c here, value flour is €1.29 for 2kg and tinned fruit, forget it) but I think kidney beans, chick peas, tomatoes and various other things are about the same.

Well, welcome to my journey. I hope you will enjoy the ride

Now it’s No! No! November! We’re getting close to ‘that’ time of year again so all the more reason to keep our belts well and truly tightened.


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